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Tatami Mats: Made in Canada, 100% HAND-MADE, lead time is required!
Special Styrofoam and Foam and Layers View Picture: three standard sizes to adapt more precisely to the dimensions of your room:
90 x 180 x 6cm, 88 x 176 x 6cm, 85 x 170 x 6cm, 75 x 150 x 6cm - CAD$420.00/pc
and the three corresponding half-tatamis:
90 x 90 x 6cm, 88 x 88 x 6cm, 85 x 85 x 6cm, 75 x 75 x 6cm - CAD$320.00/pc
A colorful choice of braids helps to integrate into your interior: @ black, brown, #16, #31.
For Tatami Bed : @ 76x200x6cm, 80x200x6cm, 90x200x6cm - CAD$520.00/pc
[ A Custom-made size is available. ]
NOTE: Custom sizes are available for all made in Canada tatami mats. The max. width is 90 cm, and the max. length is 203 cm.

Tatami Mats: Made in Taiwan, Rice straw filled.
90 x 90 x 5.5cm - CAD$250.00/pc (Black border,#16 & 31 available)
90 x 180 x 5.5cm - CAD$320.00/pc (Black border,#16 & 31 available)
76 x 200 x 5.5cm - CAD$350.00/pc (#16 border only)
90 x 200 x 5.5cm - CAD$380.00/pc (#16 border only)

Martial Art Tatami Mats (For Judo, Aikido Dojo): Made in Taiwan
Vinyl surface Made in JAPAN. (Olympic Standard mats avaible). View Picture
90 x 180 x 5.5cm - CAD$228.00/pc (Green & Red available)
There is a discount for orders 100 pcs or more.

Shoji Paper (warlon sheet) 3'x6'x0.2mm - CAD$82.00/pc
Plain,Bamboo & Maple pattern available (Made in Japan)

Taf-Top Shoji rice paper sold in roll only (15m x 94cm) - CAD$200.00/roll
Plain or bamboo designs available (30m x 94cm) - CAD$380.00/roll

Shoji Sliding Door
Regular Size 90 x 200cm (made in Taiwan) CAD$1080.00 (pair of two panels),
sold in pairs only Upper/lower railing set 180cm wide CAD$180.00/set Left/right door post set 203cm high CAD$160.00/set Natural colors only View Picture Custom-made Sizes (Made in CANADA),You provide opening size and patterns, W ? x H? x Panel ? x Wood ? x Color ? . We can tell you the PRICES. We have been doing Custom design & Build Japanese Shoji doors, windows, Fusuma doors and Japanese cabinet doors in North America for more than 10 years. View Picture

Shoji Lamps: Made in Taiwan View Picture
Ceiling Lamps
C-302, (42 x 42 x 18cm H), Natural color - CAD$320.00/pc S-6707, (21.5 x 21.5 x 20cm H), Natural color - CAD$63.00/pc S-6711, (21.5 x 21.5 x 20cm H), Natural color - CAD$63.00/pc Wall Lamp
W-104, (W 19 x H 29 x D 14cm), Natural color - CAD$86.00/pc Stand Lamp
S-203 (25 x 25 x 43cm H), S-202LN (91cm H), S-204N (48cm H), Natural color - CAD$280.00/pc

Bentwood Zaisu: Made in Taiwan View Picture
CF-101~ CE-109 : (no longer available)
CF-110A, CF-110Q : 41cm(w) x 50cm(d) x 43cm(h) - CAD$108.00 each
CF-203A : 46cm(w) x 57cm(d) x 50cm(h) - CAD$220.00 each
Z05-A : NATURAL, BLACK - CAD$280.00 each View Picture

Totte, Shoji Door Handle: Made in Japan, CAD$0.90/pc, sold in a box (100pcs) only View Picture

Shoji Door Sliding Tape: Made in Japan View Picture
21mm x 20m/roll - CAD$78.00/roll

Goza Mats: Made in Taiwan, 90 x 180cm Black edge, CAD$54.00/pc
90 x 200cm Black edge, CAD$57.00/pc View Picture

Tatami Wooden Table : (Custom made only; please email width, height and length) View Picture

Noren, Hanging Picture: Made in Japan, 85 x 150cm, CAD$90.00 each View Picture

Tatami Bed with frame and headboard Natural color View Picture
90 x 200 x 5.5cm (tatami size) - CAD$1680.00/set
152 x 200 x 5.5cm (tatami size) - CAD$1980.00/set
180 x 200 x 5.5cm (tatami size) - CAD$2480.00/set
Tatami bed frame, Solid Fir, (Made in CANADA)

Tatami Bed with frame View Picture
180 x 200 x 5.5cm (tatami size) - CAD$2180.00/set pre made imported

The Colors of Tatami border: View Picture
#16 (green with golden design)
#31 (brown with golden design)
#11 (brown color)
#12 (black color)


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