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Tatami Mats Description - Real Tatami mats

Our Tatami mats are made of Rice Straw bound together with high quality Japanese made thread, backing material and edge trimmings, and our tatami mats are capable of lasting over 10 years so long as the surface is not scratched by sharp objects. It is an authentic traditional, sturdy, long lasting mats. It comes in four different regular sizes with few color edges. All new tatami mats surface, its original color is greenish and gradually turns yellowish starting from the edge towards the center with time progresses.
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  • 90 x 90 x 5.5 cm packed 2 pcs per package. Each mats 14 kg.
  • 90 x 180 x 5.5 cm packed 1 pc per package. Each mats 28 kg.
  • 76 x 200 x 5.5 cm packed 1 pc per package. Each mats 28 kg.
  • 90 x 200 x 5.5 cm packed 1 pc per package. Each mats 30 kg.
  • We do cut custom-made sizes from the regular sizes.

Tatami Mats Description - Tatami Care

During the manufacturing process, the mats surface is powdered lightly with corn starch to prevent damage to the surface between transition. It is recommended that customer wipes off the powder before usage. Furthermore, it is recommended that tatami room be well ventilated and low-moisture. As long as the room is dry and with good ventilation, It will prevent the build-up of any mold. Finally, it is recommended that the mats be taken outside and placed under the sun occasionally. Should the customers decide to use the Tatami mats in the basement, it is recommended that the mats be raised up from the floor no less than six inches to allow circulation and prevent the development of any mold.

A Tatami room can be used for multiple purposes:

  • Entertainment Center: to hold a tea party with friends and family members, for games, for karaoke, etc.
  • As a spare bedroom for guests.
  • Play room(safe floor) for children.
  • Quiet area for devotion and meditation.
  • Tatami mats are effective therapeutic for back pain.

Thanks for visiting our site. Our main business here is tatami mats, shoji paper, warlon sheet, shoji doors, custom design and build shoji screens, shoji sliding doors, shoji lamps and all other relevant products that can further enrich your Tatami room. We have being manufacturing and selling best quality Japanese interior products in Canada and USA for over 10 years. All available information is on our site. No catalog available. If you need further assistance send us email. Thanks!

Special Tatami Mats Sizes Cutting & Tatami Room Woodworks:

We do Custom-made Tatami Mats to fit your Tatami room sizes and all woodworks, Design, Custom-made and Install.


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