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picThe traditional Japanese flooring, the TATAMI, comes in the shape of tile of 90x180cm made from compressed rice straw whose thickness brings comfort and warmth to your interior. Dressed in decorative high grade matting and very pleasant to the touch, the set is finished by a narrow colored braid stitched on both sides. The installation is made by assembling several TATAMIS placed side by side. This way one can according to one's needs and budget, cover all or a part of the surface in question.

The TATAMI adapts perfectly to the modern interiors and their furniture. In a living room, it replaces the carpeting very well and furthermore it offers great comfort for whoever wanting to sit down or stretch out in a bedroom, a kit of 3 TATAMIS become the major component of a new way of sleeping.

Thanks to the TATAMIS associated with a folding mattress in a jiffy a studio becomes an abode or a bedroom. Less congestion more space. Finally, used extensively in cribs, the TATAMI is particularly useful in rooms for the toddlers, who can play and stumble there, without danger. Also TATAMI is good for your spine.

LILIN PRODUCTS offers you widespread choice:

  • Three standard sizes to adapt more precisely to the dimensions of your room: @90x180cm, 85x170cm, 75x150cm and the three corresponding half-tatamis @90 x 90cm, 85 x 85cm,75 x 75cm.
  • A color choice of braids helping to integrate to your interior: black, brown etc.
  • The custom-made size is available.

Real Trumps: pic

  • by its composition and its thickness (50mm) the TATAMI is the most comfortable flooring.
  • it's performance in the region of sound and heat insulation, and its easy maintenance, will ensure your taking it along when you move.